4 Telltale Signs Indicating Your House Needs Septic Tank Maintenance

Keeping every aspect of your house intact is one of the main activities to be tackled in your daily life. When it comes to inspecting the septic tanks, you need to put some extra effort. The need for the inspection gets crucial when it leaves signs that are unbearable for you and your family. A strong and bad smell affects your and your family’s health.

Inspecting your house regularly is essential. Although, it is possible that you do not get much time to focus on such problems such as septic tank maintenance, plumbing and many other related problems. But, it will be a bad idea if you only inspect when the situation gets worse or the signs are affecting your house. Give your house some extra care by providing some quality time on a regular basis.

Here are 4 common signs that will indicate your septic tank needs sufficient attention and proper assistance to bring the perfect functionality.

1. Flooded Backyard
“It is essential you keep checking the surrounds of the tank area”. A tank area should always be dry for better functionality. When you notice the leakage and dark water around the field, it clearly indicates that the tank needs to be repaired immediately or you have drain field issues that need attention.

2. Bad Smell
Bad odor is one of the signs of a damaged septic system. The mixing of solid with water can some bacteria which may be the reason of bad smell. The bad odor can be smelled in both the areas- indoor and outdoor. Improper maintenance and irregular inspection can bring these problematic results.

3. Frequently pumping your tank
It is normal that a septic tank needs to be pumped every 1-2 years. But, if your tank is in the condition where it needs more frequent pumping, it is a clear sign that the tank or the field lines have issues that need addressed. A professional’s assistance can help you to get rid of this kind of problem in your home’s septic tank system.

4. Gurgling Water
If you are hearing the noise of gurgling water when you are flushing the toilet, this is a clear sign of a septic tank or leach field issue. This indicates a clogged vent pipe, full tank or clogged drain field.

The above-mentioned signs can be troublesome for you and “overlooking” these signs can also be the reason of an ugly appearance. If you are looking for a septic tank repair, Onsite Septic and Portables provides you the effective result with a team of expert installers and repairers. To avail the service, contact us today!

4 Easy Tips To Take Care Your Septic Tank Repair

A septic tank works as a preserver of wastewater penetrated from the house. It works by separating liquids from solid waste and then pumping the liquid into the surrounding soil. However, it helps to maintain the drainage system of your home and is also helpful in converting the waste water into a useful substance.

Taking good care of your septic tank plays a crucial role for smooth function. Overlooking this can bring you a lot of trouble which will be difficult to treat. Once your professional installer is finished installing your system, it is your responsibility to maintain the quality and functionality of the septic tank. Some easy and regular steps would definitely work to maintain the septic tank repair.

Here are 4 easy tips by applying that you can successfully maintain the Septic Tank Repair.

1. Water conservation
Generally, a septic tank takes time to separate the solid waste from the water. You should keep checking that you have not overloaded the tank with water. Overloading a tank can disturb the bacteria that are helpful in breaking the solid waste into tiny particles. To maintain the water level, you should check every part of your home whether it’s leaking or not. If you are noticing that the toilet flush is not working well, then, it is better to fix it by seeking a professional’s help.

2. Avoid using garbage disposal
If you are using a garbage disposal, it is not a good idea. A garbage disposal can be a barrier in breaking down the food waste. Often, it has been seen that many homeowners overlook this problem which can cause septic tank damage. A damaged septic tank would take more effort and money to be repaired.

3. Protecting your drainfield
If you have installed the septic tank in your house’s backyard, you should not put any heavy object over the top of the tank such as a hot tub or car. This can lead to the tank sinking into the ground and can damage pipes. It can be fixed by removing surrounding trees in the area, within 100 ft of the drainage field. The drainage field should be covered with soil only. Many homeowners use concrete, plants or asphalt which can weaken the drainage field for a long time.

4. Keep checking the tank
It is important to check-in on what is going into your drainage system. You should make sure that you or any of your family members are not throwing any non-biodegradable item such as diapers, tampons or any plastic items into your drainage system. This can be a reason of poor functioning drainage. You should also avoid some chemical objects such as bleach or drain cleaner and cooking grease.

The above-mentioned tips can be effective if implemented regularly. We, at Onsite Septic and Portables, provide you with any type of repair, replacement and installation related to septic tank problems. For more information, please contact us today!